Wednesday, 4 July 2012

'Goodnight' ft. Rigz & Wize - Wit and Dre Murray

"The question is: Will I ever make it? 
The answer is: I already have, 
Having a picnic at the top of a skyscraper, 
I took the elevator. 
I'll let you do the math... 
Everyday was dark, I pursued night, 
The forecast said tomorrow wasn't too bright. 
I asked God for a new life, 
I saw my life rise to a new height, 
It's no hype, close your eyes and receive sight. 

I heard this whilst riding my bike and didn't get to check the track name, so after listening through everything that was on my phone's memory card I managed to find it.

These lyrics really struck a chord with me. You see, I've recently been awakened to some realities; some truths. I've recently been made free; I've been liberated from legalism, or am at least in the process of being released. My next few blog posts are probably going to revolve around this because this is a huge revelation in my life. 

For far too long I've been a slave to box-ticking; to a works-based religion. My idol has been an imitation relationship with the Triune God - one which makes me read books, listen to sermons, partake in (and even lead) bible studies, read the bible with only one real outcome: knowledge. I've had a knowledge which hasn't changed me, which hasn't made me love Christ and which hasn't made me enjoy God and it's been draining. I am free and I am thankful!

So, going back to the lyrics quoted at the outset...

My thoughts immediately on hearing them were: "Stop trying to climb the stairs, and get in the elevator (or lift as we Brits call them)". For too long I've been trying to get to the top of the skyscraper by toiling up the stairs and never seeming to get anywhere. Now I'm in the elevator going up; it's not by my power, it's not what I've done or what I'm doing - it is the power of the Holy Spirit in me, opening my eyes to who the Father is, and what the Son has done for me and enabling me to react joyfully.

It's been so hard, but in the end I just had to ask God for a new life, and I'm seeing my life rise to a new height - I am taking the elevator.

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