Thursday, 27 January 2011

'Fly Tonight' ft. Miss Tai - Serene

Heard this track today and really liked the fact that it's a balanced love song (not too slushy, not too hard) from a biblical perspective. Good on Serene for tackling the subject and doing it well.

'Fly Tonight' is taken from Serene's album 'Different Strokes' which can be downloaded legally for free from here.

Monday, 10 January 2011

'777 Intro' - Dwayne Tryumf

Lyrically and musically this track is absolutely spot on. Content-wise most of it is brilliant too, there are just two points that I would raise:

Dwayne raps "Now the devil was jealous and Genesis doesn't tell us this, But Isaiah 14 gives us the parenthesis, The former glory Lucifer was given, Was taken and given to Adam and Eve 'cause of vanity."

He references Isaiah 14 and I think refers to verses such as verse 12: "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!". In the New Bible Commentary (IVP) it says "This song is often thought to tell of the revolt of Satan (taken with Ezk. 28) but this is a precarious conjecture. The tale of pride and downfall is at most only similar to what is said of Satan in e.g. Lk. 10:18; 1 Tim. 3:6, and in any case, when Scripture speaks directly of his fall, it refers to the break-up of his regime, not his prior fall from grace (cf Rev. 12:9-12)." Verse 4 of Isaiah 14 clearly states that this is written about the king of Babylon and whilst this king is evil, and therefore is under Satan's power, we shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the verse has double meanings relating to Satan's fall.

The other dubious lyric is "So he devised a plan to get at a man through the woman,'Cause he knew he couldn't fool Adam."

As far as I can see this is speculation and there isn't a place in Scripture which backs this up specifically. Nowhere does it mention in the account of the fall in Genesis 3 that Adam was too strong or clever for Satan although it implies that Eve is under the authority of Adam (Adam came first and he named her). Nowhere does it say Eve was more easily fooled either although it clearly speaks of the differences between man and woman and man's leadership. It does the raise the question "Why did Satan trick Eve instead of Adam directly?" and Dwayne may be correct in his conclusions.

Edit: After giving this much thought and study I realised the biblical answer was that Satan wanted to turn God's created order on its head. In the beginning God's word was over man, man was over the woman, the man was also in charge of the plants and animals. When Satan tempted Eve (and succeeded) the order became animal over woman, woman over man (by way of a plant) and man over God's word. In doing this Satan has upset the created order forever. Shortly after my pastor preached sermons confirming what I thought which can be heard here (Genesis 3:1-7) and here (Genesis 3:8-24) and will explain things much better!


Discussions on this track are raging over at I thought I'd basically just copy and paste my thoughts from there on here. The first video is of the song. The second video is of Canton Jones explaining the message he was trying to give and why he edited out certain words.

My thoughts:

Comment 1: "The bleeping is clever, subversive and thought provoking. But why does he say OMG? I can't hear that in any other way but as blaspheming - it is totally unnecessary and it is in including that lyric that he panders to the secular market (even Usher sings "Oh My Gosh"!!!!!)"

Although I said that the editing was clever, that doesn't mean I actually agree with the sentiments of the song. Clubs can be dangerous places for Christians (speaking from personal experience) although I am aware that this club night was a specifically Christian event where the bar was alcohol free. CJ also mentions arriving in a Bentley - something most would frown upon and something I'm not really that comfortable with either (don't get me wrong though, I am a bit of a petrol head!). Songs that are supposed to glorify God shouldn't see the artist showing off their personal wealth.

Comment 2: "Back to the OMG thing:

"I think a better example would be if a person used "OMG or Jesus' in place of a four letter filth word vs a prayer."

When some people witness a car crash or similar, they may say s*** or something similar. Saying OMG or Jesus in place of this is taking God's name in vain. This is not an example of calling on God's name - it is an example of exclaiming something as a reaction. It's naive to think that saying OMG in these situations is a good thing. Praying to God immediately would be a good thing but saying OMG isn't praying... unless you say it with a prayerful heart - which is not how people use the expression.

In this song CJ seems to be using it in place of "Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, they've let some Christians in the club" - it is an exclamation, a showing of surprise and is not the correct use for God's name IMO.

If this is a trend, then it is a bad one. It is worldly. The world says OMG as an exclamation with NO reference to the One True God. We should not be trying to reclaim it so that we can use it in the exact same way. If we say it, then it's just another lost opportunity of showing yourself as different.

Obviously, starting a prayer with "Oh my God" is the best and only way to use those three words in sequence. Yes, it can be sung...but in a way that addresses God and then goes onto say something to God."

It's saddening to see that there are Christian people out there who are unaware of parts of who they are called to be and how they are called to behave in this world. I know a keyboard warrior like me can't make changes but I felt that this was a point that needed raising. I also don't intend to start arguments, just provoke thought. What do you think about the use of "OMG" in this context?