Monday, 16 July 2012

'The Daily Gospel' - Timothy Brindle

"Another root of sin is self-righteousness, 
But the gospel says my only help's Christ who lives,
Then my pride and idolatry will die as I constantly,
Look to Christ and in the gospel see,
An astronomically awesome God indeed,
Way greater than any the world can possibly offer me,
And when I see my beautiful Saviour who suffered,
For all of the numerous ways I have blundered...
But most of all the gospel brings me close to my Father,
So in the warmth of His love I can soak like a sauna,
So now I wanna obey Him and show Him my honour,
Not to earn His love but as a chosen responder"

I could have quoted just about all of this song because it is so excellent. Part of me wants to get legalistic and self-righteous and say that I need to listen to this song everyday to remind myself everyday to read the Bible everyday but I know I need to fight the legalism and focus on the fact that the gospel says my only help's Christ who lives, "the gospel brings me close to my Father" - these shall be my reasons for being disciplined in my reading of the Word because I can't "earn His love".

This song may be excellent (in its content, Tim's delivery and rhymes, its production and the fact that it reminds me of the key which unlocked me from a legalistic prison) but the Gospel is much more excellent - I want to see daily (and if I'm honest I'm bad at the moment at ensuring I read daily) my just how beautiful my Saviour who suffered is, I want to be reminded everyday that God is love and that in light of these facts, I cannot rely on myself.

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