Wednesday, 4 July 2012

'Do All Things' - Jerrell Johnson

"With Him we can do all things"

O.K., so, the thoughts this song provoked really has nothing to do with the premise of this song by Jerrell Johnson. It's just that he quotes Philippians 4:13 and that got me thinking...

Now I'm not sure of how this verse relates to the context of Philippians, and I know it's important not to take things out of context but from what I can see Paul and Timothy are finishing their letter with some encouragement using their own lives as examples. They particularly focus on God's provision for their needs.

Not long ago, I was trying very hard to provide for my own needs - spiritual needs - and I was failing time and time again to meet my needs. My attitude was 'I can do all things' when it should have been "I can do all things THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME". I was trying to get to Him, to get to know Him, to love Him without realising that I could only do it through Him and in Him and with Him. I did not truly understand that His strength in me would be the key. I am thankful that in His loving grace and kindness God showed me the error of my ways and that He is showing me now, helping me to let go of the weaknesses I cling onto and to truly allow Christ to be my strength.

We think we can do all things - we empower ourselves - but the power lies in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

P.S. Although the track doesn't have much to do with my thoughts it is an excellent track with a good story and a thought provoking theme - check it. Also check out Jerrell's whole mixtape 'Dream S.O.D.A.' at his bandcamp page.

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