Saturday, 5 January 2013

'Create Your Own Minifigure' Box

Probably prematurely, I've been getting my two and a half year old into Lego. This afternoon I created this 'Create Your Own Minifigure' activity for her. She really enjoys making the minifigures but doesn't really play with them in any way yet, so once the figures are made, what is there to do? Well, this:

It is simply a box with five compartments containing heads, torsos, legs, hats and hair and accessories. It's a simple thing which will bring new life to old minifigures (or Lego men as they were in my day). You could even extend it into a fun-for-all-game; something along the lines of Minifigure consequences with each player adding something extra to the figure?

 Below is one of my daughter's creations - a hideous Uruk Hai/Businessman/Victorian Lady combination.

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