Tuesday, 25 September 2012

'Precious Puritans' - Propaganda

'Excellent' by Propaganda dropped today, for free, on Humble Beast. Go and get it on download whilst you read this short post.

Most of the tracks are very ear-catching and memorable but the one that has inspired me to write on this neglected blog is 'Precious Puritans'.

I think it's safe to say that in many ways I've been brought up by folk who have prized the teachings of the puritans (I'm pretty sure my dad's library shelves contain not a few puritanical books) so when I first heard the track I was a little shocked that I had never before considered its perspective. I had already an inkling that the track would be controversial as Prop put out a warning on Twitter last night ("The tunnel Rat in me won't let me put an album out w/o at least one verse/ poem that could get us in trouble. :) ref: Precious Puritans.) but wasn't quite ready for what he was about to say! The song is about how the Puritans, authors who are still revered to this day, were involved in slavery, and how quoting them today can have a negative impact on black listeners.

Anyway, I have no commentary really to add as I am no expert on these matters but Joe Thorn has blogged twice about the track with some really helpful insights from Dr. Richard Bailey (author of 'Race and Redemption in Puritan New England') and Propaganda himself. Read Part 1 and then Part 2.

In finishing, I'd just like to quote Propaganda's point from Part 2: "The real point is the last line, "God uses crooked sticks to make straight lines." God uses us despite our depravity... the take-home should not be “Wow! Propaganda!”, but, “Wow! God! And he used Propaganda?!?”

P.S. So glad to finally hear Kevin Olusola on a Christian Hip Hop track! Boy is a genius on the Cello and clearly loves his Hip Hop. I love this video and could watch it over and over (indeed I have):

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