Thursday, 16 August 2012

'The Restoration' - Timothy Brindle (album review)

A new review, this time not for Sphere of Hip Hop but for the Grace For Sinners blog.

Mathew asked me to review Timothy Brindle's latest album for his blog and I readily accepted. It was an album I was looking forward to anyway (it's a Lamp Mode release!) so it was good to be able to summarise my thoughts in writing with the added bonus of a new, wider audience to read it.

I did really enjoy the album - production-wise it's one of Lamp Mode's very best yet with Wit taking on the role of executive producer. Timothy's lyrics are finely crafted and delivered and as you'd expect full of clearly explained theology.

My only disappointment was the overall mood of the album - it focuses on pre-restoration more than post-restoration and as a result the album feels quite dark. I'm really hoping that Brindle's next album is a real joyful affair as he rejoices and praises the Lord for all He has done in his life. This aspect of the album was also picked up on by LaRosa in his review for SOHH.

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