Monday, 4 June 2012

'Give It Up' - Stephen the Levite

Stephen The Levite recently dropped his 'The Last Missionary' album and I had enough faith in its quality to pre-order it. I've not had as many chances as I'd have liked to listen to it yet (life is busy) but my opinion of it so far is very positive. 

 The single from the LP is 'Give It Up', which is a track that really challenged and encouraged me to try to truly "give it up". The song particularly focuses on married life as well as church life; themes which are very strong throughout the album. I find tracks like this really helpful in the way I view the constant business of life as a husband, father, church member and teacher. In the past tracks like 'Fathers' by theBREAX, 'Domesticated' by Ruslan and 'Step It Up' by Braille - tracks by artists who are in a similar stage of life to me - have done the same as 'Give It Up' does for me now.

Stephen The Levite has written about the song and included the lyrics in a post over at his blog - click here to read it

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