Sunday, 29 April 2012

KJ52 - 'They Like Me' ft. Lecrae

Not my usual cup of tea, but I'm loving these lyrics from Lecrae explaining, with much panache, why race doesn't matter when it comes to the need of salvation:

"I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music,
I do fight music, unified in Christ music,
Lets get right to it, hear the music write to it,
From the context of a black kid fighting through it,
Some folks said it was worldly; it was too good,
Some folks was scared of it; it was too hood.
So I took it to the places who would embrace it,
And sometimes believe it or not it was white faces.
Am I a sellout assimilating what’s in my head?
No I am cyclops homie 'cause all I see is red;
People covered in the blood are my fam,
And we don’t just relate we all related through the Lamb,
My family tree is a lower case 't',
And we are all the same cause you need him like me,
We different but the same and it’s likely,
They just like me that’s probably why they like me"

I also likes the fact that he addresses his haters with the 5th and 6th lines - he's got a point.

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