Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Rain' - Watson G/'Incredible Pre-Me' - Johnny Alpha

MCs from round my way Johnny Alpha and Watson G dropped some free music this week. Backed up by the beats of the UK's Imperial (Illect Recordings) the two MCs (both from Knew Jeru'slum) drop their testimonial rhymes over two pretty different productions.

Watson G's 'Rain' has a laid-back feel despite a fairly pacy sample of The Brothers Johnson's 'Strawberry Letter 23' (quality dancing on that video but Imperial informs me he sampled another version of the same song). Watson builds on the rain theme as he discusses his faith, failings and the hope he has. Favourite lyric is "It's cold man 'cause I need the sun/son, that's a double entendre..."; I just love the fact that he cheekily points out the dual meaning of the word sun as most rappers would do it, and not point it out, thinking that they were really clever for realising that sun and son are homophones (look it up, I'm a primary school teacher).

Johnny Alpha's offering is really open about his life before and after becoming a Christian. 'Incredible Pre-Me' is a lyrical-fest which still conveys its message clearly and the beat... well, it's just devastating - I love that bass drop and its general rowdiness. The chorus may even be this track's greatest feat - lyrical yet memorable, and it totally sums up the whole track - excellent: "This is the incredible pre-me, the pitiful me with an ego; capital E, the pre-me with unappeasable needs, with an unfeasible greed, did unspeakable deeds, yo!"

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