Monday, 20 February 2012

@pray4JGivens - #OccupyMondays

This here's the latest track in a series of downloads entitled #OccupyMondays that JGivens has been dropping each week.

The 7 tracks so far are a mixed bag in terms of production sound, but JGivens rocks anything with his super Neo Lyrical style (did I just coin a phrase or a genre there?). The guy is funny, in tune with culture and Hip Hop's history, and he says some thought-provoking things from a Christian perspective - what more could you want from an MC?

Here are some favourite quotes:

"Did Lazarus choose the air When He let it breathe, When Christ said come forth Like the letter D?" from 'But You Ain't Got No Legs, Lieutentant Dan'

"They transformed the Gospel to bad news, Egotistical legalist mystical ritual, Mixed with some bad views" from 'But You Ain't Got No Legs, Lieutentant Dan'
"And the pastor say If I can't find faith, Then droppin' a couple Yen will, So I'm staring at this gold plate, Thinking this gas money I got in my pocket, Will pay to get my soul straight, But I left feeling empty like the gas tank" from 'Un Nuovo Giorno'
"Kingdom affiliates, Bumpin' Scribbling Idiots, Saved by His grace, We couldn't master Leviticus, I started out with "Homie, just blaze and take a hit of this", Now I'm on this "Give Him praise because He finished it" from 'Kill Bill Collectors'
"Rep Christ 'til we die, Lift His name like stilettos, Lion of Judah schoolin' the Nazarene ghetto, Millenium falcon pouncin' on these rebels, Your little violins got nothing on these cellos" from 'Caught in the Reign'
"Everybody praying asking, "Kingdom, come quick", The Gospel is, "The Kingdom is here, it's at fist!", Well technically at hand, Connected to that wrist, Where they pierced the Lamb Betrayed Him with that kiss" from 'Caught in the Reign'
"Holy Ghost be revealed in Romans 10:9, Cuz Satan's infiltrating this wedding Like Vince Vaughn" from 'Caught in the Reign'
"Ignorance harbors the monopoly It started with Socrates, Now fools is copying these prophecies" from 'Atrium'
Hop over to the J Givens Bandcamp site for all these tracks and more (his 'Run' album and his '#keepPraying4 @kanyewest MIXTAPE' - both are excellent).

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