Thursday, 13 October 2011

'The Rock Is Steady' - Theory Hazit (album review)

Loved this release, as you may be able to tell from the review, and you should too (you being no-one because no-one reads this blog!).

Have also submitted reviews of PRo's 'Dying To Live', Lecrae's 'Hallelujah' single and Odd Thomas's 'The Divine Use of Animosity and Ridicule'.

I've also been listening a lot to Macho's 'Remember' which has prompted me to go back again to New Breed's 'Stop The Music' and Tunnel Rats' 'Tunnel Vision'. Also on deck has been 'One' by The Battery (ex-Tunnel Rats Jurny Big and Peace 586). I've also been listening to Wit and Dre Murray's 'Hell's Paradise Part 2' EPs - very good stuff.

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