Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'The Blows' - DJ Kurfu & Sintax the Terrific

DJ Kurfu and Sintax the Terrific dropped their 'Prince With A Thousand Enemies' LP this week. The lyrics of the album were inspired by themes from Richard Adams' 'Watership Down' (which I have now begun to read). The album is out on Illect Recordings and can be bought from Sphere of Hip Hop and their Bandcamp page as well as all the usual places. Musically, conceptually and lyrically the album is brilliant. Here are some striking lyrics from a track called 'Blows':

He had no protest political statement
or bumper sticker campaign ticker entertainment
no marketing plan or t-shirt design
like, “Being Hebrew’s Heavenly but Jesus is Divine!”
still they called in the troops, not to keep the peace
but to kill the Prince of it, of a thousand enemies
that gathered in the courtyard to cut Him to His calloused knees
and pour upon His holy head the hate of human history
but in that misery I know He caught the eye
of Rome's lost boys now centurions despised
“I made the beautiful cow from whose side
came the rawhide strips from which your whips are tied
the fingertips that slide into an uncertain grip
like they know that it's the Maker of their narrow bones they hit
I fashioned every implement of My demise be
the timber that you cut into a cross to crucify Me
‘cause when you strike we share a sacred moment
set free with every blow ’cause My blood is your atonement”

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