Tuesday, 7 December 2010

'Christ First, Rap Last'

My life is beats, rhymes, Christ, but Christ beats rhymes,
I prioritise my time, and I put life in my lines,
It’s because Christ is first that my wife, child and church,
Plus family and friends come ahead of the verse,
The music is important but it’s not foremost,
There’ve been times when I’ve got too close and almost,
Pushed away the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost,
In favour of Hip Hop and I’ve got engrossed,
In the flavoursome labours of MCs and DJs
Instead of hearing my Saviour and the words that He says,
I see the pearls thrown; I just snort and turn my back,
I hear the world’s groan and I replay the track,
I’d rather listen to those who put themselves on a throne,
Than the King of kings to whom all things are known?
That’s just backwards, I had to make a change,
Christ first, rap last – priorities rearranged.

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