Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Japhia Life - 'Westside Pharmacy' Album Review

Looks like I forgot to post on here about my review of Japhia Life's 'Westside Pharmacy' album. It's a really moody piece of work - a real tussle between light and dark but it has a certain quality to it which is really hard to pin down; I listened to it so many times because I really liked it. Have a read, have a listen - see what you think!

"This could never be said to be a preachy album, yet it is drenched in spirituality: is the line “I’m already trading my comfort zone for a war zone and ducking a pitchfork” (from opener Japhia’s Lyric) not just the best street-poetic way to describe the spiritual battle we enter when we become believers?"

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