Sunday, 25 November 2012

God's Servant 'Simple Love' (album review)

My latest review is of God's Servant's 'Simple Love' album. It's a Lamp Mode release so you can be sure that there's plenty of theology, although not quite on the same level as Shai Linne, for example. In fact both style and content is pretty different; what God's Servant actually does really well is the application of real core truths.

This is an album, although not entirely to my usual tastes, that I'll definitely keep listening to. Check out my words over at Sphere of Hip Hop. Here's an excerpt about my favourite track on the album:

Not many albums these days truly contain original-sounding material, but this one does.

"'Oh the Deep' is the stand-out track on this album, perhaps simply because it’s like nothing I’ve heard in Hip Hop before. Kicking off with only a Eye of the Tiger-style monotone muted guitar rhythm and Lauren Monique singing “Oh The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus” it’s clear that it’s something quite special. Then you realize it features Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne and you know nothing else on the record will top it. Taking a song from 1875 and making it relevant and dope in 2012 is a real skill – hats off."

...and here's the track and the Bandcamp link:

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