Saturday, 24 September 2011

'Persuaded' ft. R-Swift - Macho

Macho, of New Breed (one of my favourite Christian Hip Hop groups) and Tunnel Rats, is preparing to drop a new album entitled 'Remember'. He's already dropped a few tracks which you can listen to at his Bandcamp page.

'Persuaded' sees Macho lays bare his life and faith in Christ without being cryptic about it: "...Y'all ain't gotta convince me that Christ is king, the reason death lost its sting, Jesus is more than magnificent, the antithesis to the curse that we've been smitten with... I'm recommending repentance to any and all who'll listen...".

'Persuaded' features R-Swift and his lyrics "It ain't easy; the path of a believer, but the grass ain't greener on the other side either" also really caught my ear on this track. I just liked that reminder that even when life as a Christian gets tough, it's immeasurably better than life without Christ. In fact, clever as it is, this lyrics is a bit of an understatement!

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