Thursday, 25 February 2010

'Grassroots Vol. 1 & 2' - Lamp Mode Recordings (free downloads)

If you haven't found anything from Lamp Mode Recordings yet then the best way to start is by downloading their free downloads. There are two volumes of Grassroots - volume 1 and volume 2, strangely enough.

Volume 1 is a much shorter affair than its predecessor at only 7 tracks long but with tracks like Timothy Brindle's 'Let's Kill Sin', Shai Linne's 'Christ Crucified' and 'World Wide Web' you get a real feel for this label's gospel centred output. [download Volume 1 by clicking here]

Volume 2 continues with the classic sounding boom bap Hip Hop with MCs like Hazakim, Stephen The Levite, Json, Evangel and Shai Linne spitting real biblical truths in the least cringe-worthy way; this is real Hip Hop with the most real message.

Stephen The Levite's 'The Choir' is a brilliantly produced track - fans of Brother Ali will be into this. His track 'What's Your Proof?' proves that his lyrics come directly from scriptural study (check the last verse); this is God's word in rhyme format - a rare thing even in the world of Christian Hip Hop. Shai Linne's 'Testify' is a great example of how powerful people's different testimonies can be when they contain elements of the gospel and apologetics. Json's 'I Do' is a heartfelt plea to his mother for her to follow Christ. [download Volume 2 by clicking here]

I haven't had a chance to check out any more of the releases from this record label but I fully intend to - this is some of the most uplifting and doctrinally sound Christian Hip Hop I've ever heard.

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